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Alphr – 14th Sept 2017 – The science behind the whisper craze sweeping YouTube

Prima – 11th Sept 2017 – Could listening to this whispering sound help you sleep better?

News Medical Life Sciences – 7th Sept 2017 – ASMR soundscape aids in longer healthier sleep

Metro – 7th Sept 2017 – Listening to this track before bed will apparently help you sleep better

Plot Magazine (Norway) – 1st June 2017

ABC Radio Melbourne – 28th May 2017 – Sundays with Libbi Gorr – Could ASMR be the secret to a good night’s sleep?

BBC Radio 4 – The Digital Human, Series 11 ‘Silence’ – 15th May 2017 – Listen and download Digital Human ASMR Emma WhispersRed

The Sunday Telegraph (Australia) – 14th May 2017 – The weird YouTube trend that helps you to sleepSunday Telegraph Australia May 2017 WhispersRed ASMR

Get The Gloss – 9th May 2017 – Could your beauty routine help to prevent burnout?

This Stuff Is Golden – 17th April 2017 – – 3rd March 2017 – Emma WhispersRed Velveteen Rabbit Calm copy – 27th Feb 2017 –

Mail Online – 21st Feb 2017 – – 21st Feb 2017 – – 14th June 2016 – Hayley Goldberg ‘I nearly fell asleep at work’ brushhair

Mail Online – 13th June 2016 – Can this woman cure insomnia just by crinkling paper? By Victoria Woodhall

Daily Mail Newspaper – 13th June 2016 – Article by Victoria Woodhall for Daily Mail InspireEmma Smith WhispersRed ASMR Videos Daily Mail UK 2016

Top Santé Magazine – Spring Issue 2016 Emma WhispersRed ASMR Top Sante Interview

ASMRYouReady – 12th April 2016 –

Emma Louise Talks Blog Interview 3rd April 2016 –

BBC2 Victoria Derbyshire programme & BBC News Channel Interview by Nick Higham 16th Dec 2015 – ASMR- Does it make your brain tingle? BBC News

BBC News website article 16th Dec 2015 by Nick Higham – What’s going on inside my brain? website Q&A Interview – 26th Nov 2015

ASMRYouReady – 27th Oct 2015

Stuff NZ – 8th Sept 2015   The pointless video craze where you can watch people folding towels

Cosmopolitan France – 5th Sept 2015  Connaissez-vous l’ASMR ou l’orgasme cérébral ?

Telegraph Online – 2nd Sept 2015
Folding towels and unboxing: The pointless internet video craze is giving me a braingasm

Tosh.0 (US Comedy Show) – 1st Sept 2015

Interview on Resonance FM – 26th June 2015 ‘An Archive of Tingles’ with Dr. Rob Gallagher

Gizmodo – 20th May 2015
Enough of the Dirty Talk: Why Dismissing ASMR as Porn Isn’t Helping Anyone

Russell Brand Podcast – 26th April 2015
Episode 18 – Going Straight

Press Association – 19th March 2015
Meet the YouTube sensation using a new technique to chill you right out

BBC Radio 5live – 12th Dec 2014 – Live interview

BBC Radio 4 Documentary by Nick Higham on The Today Show – 11th Dec 2014

BBC News Website – 11th Dec 2014
ASMR: The videos which claim to make their viewers ‘tingle’

Loose Women – 8th July 2014 – UK daytime TV show interview Emma WhispersRed Interview Loose Women 2014

Mumbai Mirror – 22nd Feb 2014 Mumbai Mirror Emma WhispersRed First News Piece







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