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What makes a good ASMR video? How do I get started in ASMR? How do I become an ASMRtist? These are questions I’m often asked so it’s a pleasure to be able to answer in detail on this post. Please bear in mind that when I started making ASMRWhispersRed ASMR UK videos I knew barely anything about filming and editing. A little about sound but that was it. This post is aimed at people like me. Everything I have to say is from my own experience so far and there is still so much to learn. Hopefully I can offer some encouragement to anyone wishing to take their ASMR journey down the road to YouTube.

Do you experience the ASMR sensation? Maybe you don’t but still use ASMR videos for sleep or relaxation. Many people who watch the videos would like to become more involved in the ASMR community by starting their own channel. Others begin making videos because they have a specific trigger and aren’t able to find enough that have that certain sound. Whatever your reason for starting an ASMR channel it can be a wonderful experience and a great way to connect with others just like you, all over the world.

Starting your channel however can be daunting task. Especially as many of the content providers out there seem to have tonnes of equipment, advanced editing skills and be ultra confident. One thing to remember though is that most people you see have been running their channel for a long time and all not all of the skills and equipment were there at the start. Essentially ASMR isn’t about equipment and editing, it’s simple, it’s about you!
Here are a few pointers I give to people who contact me for advice and are wishing to start out in ASMR videos.

  • Start your channel with whatever equipment you have or can afford.
    You don’t need a super expensive camera. Videos can be made on your phone if that’s all you have. As far as sound goes. Some of my favourite videos of all time were made using the microphone on a set of earbuds that come with a phone. Some of them with the built in mic on a camcorder or tablet.
  • Improve the sound with the mic you have.
    Location and acoustics is key. The cheapest camera mic can be made much better by filming in the right place. For instance, filming in the corner of a room with a carpeted floor, surrounded by duvets/blankets can make all the difference. It cuts down the white noise, background noise and echo. It’s also good to remember that white noise can be very tingle inducing so if you have some in that can be great!

    An ASMR Video sound booth

    A DIY blanket sound booth!

    Make videos based around your favourite triggers, interests and views. If you believe in what you are doing and saying you will sound more confident and enjoy the process much more. It’s also a great feeling to pass on knowledge to others. You can interact with people in the comments and maybe learn more about the subject yourself!

  • Don’t be afraid to show who you are.
    Smile if you want to and be yourself. Putting yourself on camera can be very daunting. It can take a very long time to be confident in every video, however acting a different way to how you normally would is Smiledifficult. When I first started it took me a while to be my normal smiley self. I thought that others would think I was silly and I was just plain scared of being on camera and saying something stupid. Only when I felt confident enough to relax did I really begin to connect with others just like me. The same goes in day to day life. If you behave authentically you will attract ‘your people’ and you will be treated accordingly. Say how you feel, smile when you want to and be honest.
  • Slow down and be quiet.
    If you are anything like me, in your younger years you were always to told to speak up and hurry up. As we grow into adulthood we know to be louder and faster is how to make your way up in western society at least. As an ASMRtist your videos are your sanctury. This is the time when your quiet slow self thrives. It’s hard to do at first but once you get it, you and your viewers will be thankful. Personally I can even say my health improved when I gave myself that time to be slow and quiet. It can be likened to being in a meditative state and can be very therapeutic not just for your viewers but for you too.
  • Google it!
    Ok here is the scary part. The editing! You have your camera file and maybe (if you are at that stage yet) a sound file too. You may have recorded your video in one piece and it’s ready to upload onto YouTube, go for it! Videos can be uploaded directly from a phone or tablet. However you may have had a tummy rumble in the middle, your file split into two files, your neighbours started drilling etc.. etc.. and you need to take some parts out. There are two things you can do from here. You can upload the file to YouTube and edit using the built in editor in your control panel (remember to upload as an unlisted or private video to edit before making it live) or you can edit in software. As a starter there are free programs to use. For Mac there is iMovie and Windows there is Movie Maker. If you need to edit a sound file (maybe take out some of the white noise) you can use Audacity. Don’t be stuck! There are tonnes of tutorials online on how to use these programmes. Be patient and determined. Once you learn and have a little routine going everything will become easier for you. It’s all part of the adventure and remember it’s fine to have ‘Happy little accidents’
  • Know that you will sometimes get negative comments and know they are not talking about you.
    Now I’m not saying that there aren’t some people out there on YouTube being authentic and still receiving negativity in return. If we give out negativity, rudeness and attitude then were going to attract it tenfold. What I am talking about here is this. There you are making your lovely, positive, calming and thoughtful ASMR videos and someone in their infinite wisdom decides to write a rather bizarre comment on your channel. We have all seen the not so nice comments on YouTube. My very best advice here is do not respond to it. Delete it if you like but if it makes you feel bad then expressing that will just cause more grief for you. Whatever they are saying isn’t about you. They are punching out for any number of reasons, you will never know why. You don’t know them or they’re life experience which made them type those things. They are not talking about you, they are expressing the negativity they feel for themselves. Don’t spend time worrying about it for a second. It’s okay, move on and read the positive and kind comments you receive from all of the wonderful people you are attracting to your channel. People who feel just like you do and are interested in the same things. ‘What others think of you is none of your business’

and finally,

  • Know your ASMR.
    Before starting your channel, take the time to know what ASMR means to you and what led you to the videos to begin with. Remember the times you experienced it in the past before discovering that there was a name for it and that videos existed to trigger it. Never forget how pure and simple ASMR is and see the beauty in every day life. Bring this to every video you make and remember to stick to who you are. Try not to get caught up in how many subscribers or views you have compared to anyone else, just concentrate on your content. Be proud of it and let it be a reflection of who you are. In life there will ALWAYS be someone with more than you but no-one does YOU better. Keyword your videos if you want to reach out to more people, make fancy thumbnails and all that jazz. Expand your equipment and editing knowledge, find ways to make your videos help you out financially if you like. All of this things are great! But always remember what your ASMR is and what it means to you.

If that wasn’t enough encouragement, here is my first ASMR video!


  1. chazileASMR

    Thank you so much for taking the time to guide us new comers into the ASMR community! I’m super excited to get started and can’t wait to give tingles to everyone who watch my videos! (When my equipment finally gets delivered haha) You’re a Gem!

  2. Sarah Abbott

    This was so helpful, thank you so much! I am so inspired by you 🙂

  3. Jesse

    Thanks for taking the time to write this, Emma. My husband has been encouraging me to try out making my own videos and I’ve been balking at the start up costs, but he’s been encouraging me to use my phone – like you suggested here. 😉 Very helpful!

    As a side note, I’ve been watching your videos for a year or two, and they’ve helped me sleep and study – and I never actually did experience AMSR until recently – the sound just helped cut the static in my brain. But now I occasionally get a few scalp tingles. ^_^

    Great article!

  4. Ines

    Thank you for this info and the encouragement!! 🙂 ASMR is beautiful and so positive and helpful. It’s sad that most people in my life don’t get it, they says “it’s weird and akward”. I tell them to close their eyes and just listen… Anyway, I discovered ASMR videos a few months ago (although I’ve experienced it all my life, I just didn’t know it had a name!), and I’m hooked! Now I wanna make my own videos. 🙂

  5. Megan

    Thank you for this very useful information! I have been watching your channel for two years now—your positivity and kind nature have truly been a blessing. You have inspired me to begin my own channel to further spread peace, love, and tingles. If you ever get the chance, I would love to have your feedback/constructive criticism. My channel is hush ASMR.

  6. chinchoo


    how do asmr videos make money in youtube as there is no adds coming in between?


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