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ASMR Massage London SelfieMeet Krisztina, a masseur with a HUGE difference. Ever since finding out there was a name for her tingles (I’ll tell you how that happened later!) she searched for someone to give her a hands on ASMR experience. Just like going to a spa for a facial or massage but specifically to trigger the ASMR response. Despite being in London, aka the capital of where anything can be found, Could she find anywhere? She could not! So what do we do when our needs are not catered for? We create the service for ourselves and that is exactly what she did. Learning further massage techniques, studying Reiki and of course tonnes of research into ASMR and ASMR Massage London was born.
ASMR Massage London
Kristina provides her thoughtfully tailored ‘hands on tingle experience’ from a specially designed treatment room in Hammersmith London. It’s amazing, I have been! Truthfully it was a full body electrical tingle fest from start to finish. With every one of her techniques I felt tingles in different parts of my body all at different degrees and with the Reiki involved it was like a rush of love and warmth all the way through me. If it is at all possible for you to get to Hammersmith I thoroughly recommend you book yourself in for a session.

Krisztina and I have met before. In one of those random ‘simple twist of fate’ situations. In Aug 2013 I was a guest on the UK TV show Loose Women. I’m certainly not the kind of guest they regularly have on the show and certainly not one of the famous ones! So when I arrived at the front desk and told them I was a guest they sent me around the corner to join in the audience queue. After realising they thought I meant I was coming to watch the programme I went to the front of the queue, explained to security that I was on the show in a few minutes and please could they let me in. Kristina was security. She told me where to go and that was that. After learning what I was really there for and watching the programme her ASMR journey began. Two years later we meet again under much less confusing circumstances and I have never been so glad to have arrived at the wrong door.
When Krisztina invited me to try out her ASMR treatment I took my equipment along to film it. The video we made is linked below. If you would like to know more about Krisztina’s services and possibly book a personalised session for yourself please visit her Facebook page ‘ASMR Massage London’ You can also email asmrfacemassage@gmail.com or call 07414 700455.
Enjoy! 😀



  1. Sara Fife

    Absolutely love it! It’s ASMR treat yourself type of video… it’s so relaxing and calming from start to finish. I, myself have fallen asleep to it.
    Nothing too jarring or distracting, just pure heaven. Hope you can do more like this in the future. I think the story behind it only proves that people really do come into our lives for a reason.

  2. julian kiewietz

    hi, i am a fan of ASMR, do you know of any Cape Town, South Africa ASMR studios perhaps?

  3. Sophie

    I was so disappointed to see the London place is closed for business, I really wanted to go!


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