Silence in London

by | Dec 4, 2016 | Behind The Scenes, More Than A Feeling | 3 comments

Getting all tingly in GCRS!

Grand Central Recording Studios in the middle of Oxford Circus. I can’t explain how wonderful it is to experience such peace in the middle of London. If I could film there every day then I would, even sleep there!

Due to a series of fortunate events I found myself receiving an invitation to pop along to GCRS and record some binaural ASMR. A slot of 2-3 hours, a Neumann Binaural head (!!!!) and the company of the lovely Steve Lane (resident expert sound designer). Of course I jumped at the chance, couldn’t wait to go and just about managed to record something halfway decent in all the excitement. This place has state of the art soundproofing, I seriously cannot believe how quiet the recording rooms are. If my ASMR shed was half as peaceful as this I’d never be out of it and you’d be asking me to slow down on the videos! #daytimefilminggoals


Content wise the video HAD to involve hair so I bought a wig and dolled up Steve’s ‘Sandra’. Looking more like a Sandra than previously, I think she was rather pleased so I left it behind for her. She is now displayed in Steve’s studio looking like someone with their back to the door. I imagine a few have assumed it’s a real person sitting there and got a fright!

The first video I filmed is a brushing, scratching and massage affair involving all the sounds you would expect and I have to say, this microphone is FABULOUS. It’s the same head that is used in Complicite’s ‘The Encounter’. I had my ear monitors in and felt as though I was laying on a warm beach as the hair sounds waved around me. The second was a rather intimate exploration of the naked head. Tapping and rubbing the casing and anything else that felt/sounded good at the time.

It was an absolute pleasure to be invited to use the studio and meet Steve. More than a pleasure, it was an honour. I sound mushy I know but the thing is, I can remember when people just laughed at ASMR as ‘the weird side of YouTube’ and it wasn’t that long ago either! For GCRS, a world wide respected facility, to even recognise ASMR as a ‘thing’ in sound shows how far we have come. It shows how sound is recognised as not just a tool for selling things, entertaining people and all that we have become accustomed to. It’s also becoming more and more accepted as a tool for communicating kindness, intimacy, sensuality, connection – LOVE. Music can communicate and evoke positive physical feelings but so can whispering and crinkling paper, who’d have thought it?

So high five to GCRS and thank you for having us!



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