When FairyChar Came to London!

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Charlotte’s Videos have been in my life since I first discovered ASMR videos on YouTube back in 2012. I don’t just love her videos, her beautiful voice and sweet face. She is a beautiful person inside and out. FairyChar ASMR lives all the way over in California US so getting to meet with her isn’t exactly a regular occurrence! So when she hinted she may be stopping over briefly in the UK on her recent travels I was absolutely over the moon. We have spoken many times here and there over the years and regularly follow each other on Social media. I have been dying to meet this girl, give her a big cuddle and of course it’s a dream to ever get to film with her.

5th December 2016 – IT HAPPENED!!! and it was absolutely amazing! I have met so many fellow content creators so far and every single time it’s absolutely crazy to finally meet someone face to face who has been in your life for so long. Such an exciting and emotional experience. Charlotte is just as wonderful, sweet, funny, generous and kind hearted as I already knew her to be, and more. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity albeit brief to catch up with her on her travels. Thank you so much Charlotte! You’re a BEAUTIFUL Human Being XX

Emma WhispersRed FairyChar ASMR

Prior to meeting we were very lucky to arrange the use of a room nearby to film in. It was super noisy but of course in this circumstance that doesn’t matter one bit! I quickly grabbed whatever ASMRy things I could carry for us with a few small pieces of equipment. Off on the train to meet Charlotte when after a highly emotional first meeting, tonnes of giggles and random conversations we managed to film something for our channels. Afterwards we went for dinner to a local Thai inspired place which is where we took the pictures above. Face swapping was a new experience too! Linked arms on the way there and back chatting about being on YouTube, ASMR and all sorts around it. It was a super short burst of surreal amazingness and with any luck we’ll get to do it again sometime 😀

Here are the videos we made with a short Outtakes too!

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