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Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master – Sound Therapy – Assemblage Point Alignment (London SE21)

Since completing my Sound therapy and Reiki training then talking about it in videos, many have asked where I go for sessions myself. So here we are! Meet Jo.

Reiki Master South London SE21Being on YouTube, a Mum and regular Human living in and around London can be an up and down experience at times. When I feel out of place a Sound Therapy or Reiki treatment along with an Assemblage Point alignment works a treat. I go away feeling balanced, centred and ready to go on with a clear mind. Jo is a very calming influence, highly sensitive and a joy to be around.

Assemblage Point Healing London

Gong Tapping?

So along the way, I have experienced a few different Sound Baths. They are totally lovely. You lay on a mat, head on a pillow, covered with a blanket and close your eyes. The sounds do the rest. Among my favourite are Gong Baths. We have quite a lot of them over in England. Huge gentle gusts of sound waves take over you forcing the mind to clear and allowing your spirit to rise. My minds eye is a kaleidascope of colours and I feel totally light and airy. It’s wonderful. One surprise for me though is that during the light tapping of the gong. In those quiet pauses I feel ASMR tingles….. Jo has a gong! So I asked her along to the Tingle Shed for a light tapping session. The video turned out pretty well and I fell asleep during the filming so thank goodness I didn’t dribble 😀Sound Healing South London SE21

If you are looking for a Reiki Usui /Holy Fire Master, Sound Therapist, Assemblage Point Practitioner in London. Jo’s details details are listed here.

Joanna Neale / Perfect Harmony London SE21 – Website:

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