ASMR Happens Live 2017

by | Jun 5, 2017 | More Than A Feeling, News!

Welcome to ASMR Happens: LIVE 2017

A ‘happening’ for a sensation that ‘happens’ 

Ever since joining the ASMR community back in 2012 and even before starting a channel I dreamed of live events, meetups and conventions. With all my heart I hope that this is the start of more great things to come for the tingly sensation that helps so many to be calm, sleep well and just be better versions of ourselves.

Stillness, kindness and love is what we’re all about, this live event is a celebration of all things tingly!

Back in February 2016 I was lucky enough to be involved in a live ASMR session at the Changing Minds Festival, Southbank Centre London.  It was an amazing opportunity to see what it’s like for a content creator to make the leap from YouTube to live in person. Scary to say the least! but it gave me so many more ideas and encouragement. Since then I teamed up with Pete Wallace (Butch Auntie), super talented, super efficient (he’ll chuckle at that but it’s so true). Without him this wouldn’t be ‘happening’ …. pun fully intended. We searched high and low for the right venue and now with technical whizzes Jo Lord & Benji Fox on board we are finally announcing the event. After so many months of meetings, we’re all so excited to show you what we have planned!

I’d also like to introduce you to a friend of mine, a talented writer and ASMR viewer Katie Sone (Write Mindful) who gave us some really inspiring content to work with.  I was so scared to take on such a huge task on my own and am hugely thankful to Katie for being involved.

Please come along if you are able, it would be absolutely amazing to see you there!

Date: Saturday 29th April 2017

Venue: The Courtyard Theatre, 40 Pitfield Street, Hoxton, London, N1 6EU

Times: 7pm in the White Room for drinks, tingles & chatter (you might even get a free head massage if you’re lucky!) 7:30pm in the Main House Theatre where you may be seated, pop on the headphones provided and enjoy the session. You’re very welcome to bring a blanket to cover yourself over or even wear your PJ’s, it’s all good!

Afterwards the bar will remain open till late.

Tickets: Early Bird £16 Standard £19 (once the early birds have gone) *The ticket sales are handled by TicketWeb who add on a 10% booking fee*

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