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‘ASMR Happens’ is a dream of mine which began very early on after starting my channel and finally came to fruition in February 2016. It is a series of Live ASMR focussed events exploring the tingly sensation, relaxation, wellbeing and community in a live in person setting. These are groups sessions of various sizes, Theatre events, Sound Baths, 1-1 ‘treatments’, Children’s story readings, Sensory activities and Community gatherings. My ultimate goal is to open an ASMR retreat providing group sessions, treatments and workshops.

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ASMR Happens - Berlin, Germany

Sat 15th September 4-8pm – BOOK TICKETS


ASMR Happens - Birmingham, UK

November 2018 – To be announced

Past Events



Even Headphones Collaboration - New York

Even Popup NYC – ‘Glasses for your ears’ – 18th/19th July 2018 – Official Video and Vlog to come



ASMR Happens - Brava! Theatre, San Francisco

Brava! For Women in the Arts – San Francisco – 23rd September 2018 – Official Video

ASMR Happens - Courtyard Theatre, London

29th April 2017 – Official Video

Recap Vlog & Footage



Changing Minds Festival - Southbank Centre, London

Live ASMR Session at Changing Minds Festival – 6th/7th February 2016

Blog post and official video


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