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On 26th April 2015 I took a call from the Russell Brand Podcast at the arrangement of XFM. I was scared, it was awful but I’m glad I got the chance to represent the ASMR community. Previously, Russell made a video about ASMR on his YouTube channel exploring what it is and what he thought about it. I was quite impressed by his honesty and respect even though he admittedly finds it hard to understand. I forgot though that his podcast is less open discussion and more comedy, I walked RIGHT into that one!

Afterwards I received an email congratulating me for winning the ‘caller of the show’ (I’m pretty sure I was the only one though) 😀 The prize was the episode’s poem from resident Poet Mr.Gee! Here it is, I thought you’d like to see it. Plus there is a written apology from Russell in the top corner, that made me giggle.

ASMR Russell Brand Podcast

Poem from the Podcast by Mr Gee

Poem from the Podcast by Mr Gee

The podcast episode can be found on Audioboom episode 18 – Going straight

Mr Gee can be found here on Soundcloud

Russell’s YouTube video on ASMR, see Trews Episode 298

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  1. Lee Colbeck

    Haha…..poor Russell is trying to understand it. The whole experience and especially the non-sexual aspect to it, is (frustratingly) such a difficult thing to try to explain to someone who doesn’t/can’t experience it and, in contrast, so instantly understood by somebody who does.


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