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An Introduction to ASMR

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a physical sensation which usually begins in the crown of the head and often works its way down the spine and limbs. The feeling is often described as tingles and can occur when hearing certain triggers. An ASMR ‘trigger’ is whatever stimulates the sensation. Triggers for the ASMR sensation are vast and varied, each person has their own which are most effective. Some of these are:

Tapping, crinkling, page turning, pen sounds, soft speaking, whispering, fabric sounds, cutting sounds. A soft nurturing voice and whispering.

Watching someone carefully perform a task, explain about an object or task in detail, watching someone having their hair played with or brushed, hand movements.

Back and arm tracing, hair play, up close whispering.

Eye tests, haircuts, massage, facials and someone giving those treatments to you virtually though a video.

Viewers describe how watching ASMR videos specifically have helped them to overcome insomnia, anxiety, PTSD and times of depression. As well as using them for general relaxation, pain management, focus meditation during childbirth, a means of falling asleep quickly and background sounds during the night or during study.

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Join the millions experiencing the deeply calming, multi-sensory sensation.
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Known as Emma WhispersRed or Emma Smith. I was born in Lancaster by the northwest coast of England and moved to London aged 18. I live with my Husband, two Children, two Dogs and three cats amongst fields just outside the chaos of the city. I am an ASMR content creator on YouTube and film my videos in a soundproof shed in my garden. The ‘Tingle Shed’

Unwind Your Mind:
The life-changing power of ASMR

Join the millions experiencing the deeply calming, multi-sensory sensation with celebrated ASMRtist Emma WhispersRed as she reveals how to unwind your mind and harness the power of ASMR in everyday life.

Unwind You Mind: The Life-Changing Power of ASMR