Unwind your mind:
The life-changing power of ASMR

Join the millions experiencing the deeply calming, multi-sensory sensation with celebrated ASMRtist Emma WhispersRed as she reveals how to unwind your mind and and harness the power of ASMR in everyday life. Published by Rider UK and Harper Collins US.

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Audio Originals – For your Commute, Lunchtime and Bedtime

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ASMR For your commute

About the author,
Emma Whispersred

An ASMR content creator of 10 years and Sound Healing Practitioner. Emma WhispersRed is a Mum of two and wife living in London, England. As an ASMRtist Emma has worked tirelessly to bring awareness of ASMR and it’s potential benefits for wellbeing to the public eye. As an Author Emma intends to pass on her experience to others and explore how the feeling and concept of ASMR can bring calm and presence into our daily lives. Her longterm goal, through the support of further research, is for ASMR to become a recognised complimentary therapy, to teach others how to perform treatments and open a quiet retreat for the ASMR community to receive treatments, experience group sessions and meet each other in person.