Live ASMR focussed on exploring the tingly sensation, relaxation, wellbeing and community in an in-person setting since 2016

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Most people who experience the tingly sensation have done so since birth and before the internet began. So it seemed a natural progression for me to create live in person events once we all found each other online. I believe the most effective way to ‘give’ the sensation to another is in person through various forms of nurture and it’s also wonderful to meet other experiencers. I always find that our personality traits are very similar.

In February 2016 the opportunity came along to try live in person ASMR for the first time ever at the Changing Minds Festival, Southbank Centre London. Since then, many other experiences followed giving me the chance to explore ideas and concepts in different settings. I have ideas and plans galore! Group sessions of various sizes, more Theatre events, ASMR Sound Baths, 1-1 ‘Treatments’, Sensory Children’s story readings, more immersive ASMR Spa events, other sensory activities and community gatherings. My ultimate goal is to open an ASMR retreat, a peaceful getaway, providing group sessions, treatments and workshops.

Please open the boxes below for all of the events I have worked on so far, there are videos and images for you to explore!

2023 Events

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Restival 2023 by Stylist Magazine – 26th February 2023 Mondrian, Shoreditch, London UK

Two interactive ASMR sessions for the readers of Stylist Magazine, UK

Women With A Movie Camera Summit at the BFI (British Film Institute), Southank, London, UK. 14th January 2023

A Panel Discussion with clips ‘Let’s Whisper About ASMR’ with host Kim Sheehan. Panel members: WhispersRed ASMR, LottiesLoves ASMR, Miss Tea ASMR.


2022 Events

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival – August 2022

A live recording of BBC podcast ‘The Digital Human’ with Aleks Krotoski

Original interview – May 2017 –
Live recording – August 2022 –

2020 Events

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Thursday 12th March 2020

Two hour long ASMR sessions 6-7pm, 7:30-8:30pm, followed by ASMR Meetup at 8:30pm. Featured guest – Dmitri MassageASMR

This one-hour live interactive experience saw one of the world’s best-known ASMRtists, Emma Smith – known as WhispersRed – whisper, poke, crunch, stroke and squeeze to create sounds to relax and evoke a tingling, deeply calming ASMR sensation.

In the dark and dimly lit den, people got cosy in a beanbag and experienced a one-hour live performance from WhispersRed, as she created soothing sounds using everyday objects and gentle whispers.

London-based Emma Smith (aka WhispersRed) has been soothing the internet with her deeply calming ASMR videos since 2014.  Some of her most popular videos have been watched by over 10 million viewers and she is a thought-leader in the area, with her book Unwind Your Mind recently published around the world.

Ticket holders from both sessions stayed and joined the ASMR Meet Up to mingle and met Emma at 8.30pm.

View Event via this link:

A live immersive ASMR performance from one of the world’s biggest ASMRtists, WhispersRed.

14th March 2020 The Basement, HOTA Home of the Arts, Gold Coast Australia

An intimate, interactive workshop on ASMR and Nurturing through sound and touch.

Participants come away with practical techniques for relaxation using ASMR and knowledge on how to practice ASMR techniques on others. A deeper understanding of what ASMR is and an appreciation for the ordinary objects in our lives that can create extraordinary sounds.

2019 Events

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11th/13th September 2019 – The Me Convention in collaboration with SXSW & Mercedes Benz

I spoke about ASMR and provided a short live session at the Me Convention in Frankfurt.

A conference session about ASMR with Dr.Giulia Poerio and Emma WhispersRed. Discussion, Live ASMR Session followed by Q&A

2018 Events

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9th/10th November 2018 – ‘The ASMR Experience Rooms’ in collaboration with Fuze Tea

The first ever interactive ASMR exhibition held at NoHo Studios, London, UK


Behind the Scenes Vlog

3rd November 2018 – Mind Body Spirit Festival NEC Birmingham, UK

The WhispersRed ASMR Workshop – Saturday at 3:45-5:45pm

Behind the Scenes Vlog

Saturday 15th September 4-8pm, The Bali Penthouse, Berlin

An actual ASMR Spa event! With a face pampering area, surprise triggers bar, back drawing area, ASMR sound bath, ASMR Group Sessions, Hugging corner and chill out zone

All areas hosted by ASMRtists including: ASMR Zeitgeist, Caroline ASMR, Hermetic Kitten, Paris ASMR, Karen Singing ASMR, WhisperingJane ASMR, Entspannt Mitt Sophia, Wolfberry Whisper, Nick Jameson ASMR, Artsy ASMR & Emma WhispersRed

Official Video

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Even Popup NYC – ‘Glasses for your ears’ – 18th/19th July 2018

An audience/stage event using the 3Dio Professional Binaural Microphone, Pa System, ASMR triggers and textures ‘Bar’, Community meet-up and private headphones session for the press

Behind the Scenes Vlog .1

Behind the Scenes Vlog .2

2017 Events

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Brava! For Women in the Arts – San Francisco – 23rd September 2017

A theatre event using the 3Dio professional Binaural Microphone, Silent Disco Headphones, Projections by Butch Auntie, Story meditation by Katie Sone and intro session by Melinda Lauw of WhisperLodge


Official Video

29th April 2017

ASMR Happens theatre session using immersive projections by Butch Auntie, Silent Disco headphones for each member of the audience, Neumann Binaural Head, Crystal Singing Bowls, Binaural Soundscape, ASMR Meditation by Katie Sone, ASMR Triggers & Voice.


Behind the Scenes Vlog

2016 Events

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The first ever live in person ASMR session

Changing Minds Festival, Southbank Centre London, 6th/7th February 2016

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